Mar 31, 2009

Still getting dialed in

Okay... I'm really ready to just enjoy this crazy car. Yesterday i drove over tot eh DMV for an inspection - of course the pan is a 63 and the body is a 56 do DMV says - YAA - NO - call this number at the CHP (slammed VW at the CHP - Good times) But not before the poor lady slams her head into my trunk after crawling on her hands and knees to find the VIN Number and says's this is all in German - I need my supervisor. I think she may have taken the rest of the day off after that.

Enjoy the shots from a German Folks member of my car in Bakersfield.

Mar 29, 2009

Bakersfield Invade the village

This past saturday richard and I took off at the buttcrack to Bakersfield Cal. The car ran smooth other than a nasty vibration past 65 mph on the speed-o which translates to 50-55. 
However we did take a first in 57 and older custom - custom is a world not so well known to me. Check out the car with the wheel and hammered and of course the trophy.

Mar 25, 2009

Torker Rims

Monday my new set of Midland Torker's arrived via UPS. From what I understand Rich Cantu (Mango juice) from Fresno, picked up an original wheel at Ponoma and sent it to the UK to repop the wheel. Here's a shot of my new chrome Torker and a screen shot of Mango Juice

1 - week of Karl

Karl has been in my life about  a week now. I've hardly seen him he's been getting checked out all over town. Yesterday I picked up my new rims and the birth certificate arrived. 1 188 296 - 117 VW De Luxe Sedan with sunroof. Color: L331 Horizon Blue. Built May 12 1956. Shipped to Berlin Germany, no "M" codes available.
This is a shot of Karl in the Tow yard when i first picked up the car - from there i took it first thing to Dale's automotive to have Dan take a look-see - no problems found - not even the lack of a engine seal that will cause Karl to Fever. Enjoy the images of the first day.

Mar 20, 2009

The 1641 dp - EMPI'ed chrome

The Archive - Bob Costa

The car was built by the previous owners life long friend, who so happened to be THE Bob Costa. The car came with a CD packed with images from the cars build and who else but Bob Costa as the builder - What a special car.

Bob Costa passed away in 2008, along with 11 members of my personal family.


Karl. It's here - The first Drive

So...  semaphores aren't all I thought they'd be. Over 50 mph on the freeway - they stick out like airplane wings. Motor is running a little on the warm side - open the old "W" - WHAT!!! NO ENGINE SEAL - WHAT THE HELL. 

Tonight we had a NOS meeting - most input was positive - except for the goofy chrome motor. Most everyone on the road (Why do all the VW's pop out of the woodwork when I drive mine - how odd is that?) asked what color the car was. Karl is Coral - but of course.

Mar 13, 2009

DAS has good words - Das Transport

Finally after changing the arrival date from 03-13 (Today) to 03-17 - good words from the Transport company - car is "to be loaded" status and the "new" ETA is Sunday.

Mar 5, 2009

Day 7 - still waiting for pickup

The 56 has been sitting in the snow in some wrecking yard for 7 days, I'm curious if all it's parts are still on it - or if it has been picked to part. Feeling frustrated today I pulled some parts I can't wait to add. A pair of euro plates, "D" Plaque, Wolfsburg's crest, VW mudflaps, VW spare tire tool box to name a few - ENJOY!!!