Jun 15, 2009

2009 VW Classic - Irvine California

June 13 Richard and I headed down to So-Cal for the VW Classic weekend. The weather was oddly/happily very cool for this time of the year. We made it over the grapevine without a hitch and right into the hotel. The parking lot was filled with crazy rare VW's and trailors full of hidden VW's. I stayed up late hanging out in the parking lot chatting with all kinds of interesting out of towner VW folks. including 2 crazy guys who cut the bottom off a boat and bolted it to a VW chassis and drove it from Florida - you can't make this shit up. "Boating across America.com.

Sunday morning was wet and the rag was wide open. After sitting in stop and go traffic for 1.5 hours we got into the grounds. The lot was already pretty much full.

Check out the pre-show set up of the car in my driveway and the awesome hotel shot.