Apr 20, 2009

Skunk Guts

What a big weekend, first off Sebring West VW VIP night here in Fresno Cal.
Great turn out amazing VW¹s. Some very strange questions especially
later in the night. Someone asked me if some of the cars had been stretched
as in the passenger compartment The guy honest to god thought somebody
made the cars longer as in most of the cars there҆

My old friend Stew showed up- he always has his share of interesting
questions as well anyways. Saturday was rest up and work on the house day
or clean up after the painters had made a huge mess.

Sunday morning 0245 rise and shine crazy bird. It's off to Kelly Park in San
Jose Cal. Richard Bowman and myself made the trek. A few mishaps, on the 152
Richard and I both managed to hit a skunk road kill victim fresh road
kill. I managed to collect a few skunk chunks on the old mudflap the
wonderful odors traveled with me for several miles and either I got used to
the smell or it faded away while getting gas Richard and I both compared
notes on the skunk.

0615 we arrive at Kelly Park VW¹s as far as the eye could see good thing
we were 2 hours early. We pull up in line and meet Gary from the San
Francisco area with his 56 beetle very OG and driven daily. I was a bit
chilly so much in fact Gray made me wear his sweatshirt just so I could
talk to him. A quick wipe down of the car except for the skunk chunks I
left those on the mudflap and a quick breakfast burrito and it was 0750
time to roll we were in the gate in less than 10 minutes. Found the spot
Ovals Only Richard was really torn between Splits and Ovals just glad he

Swap meet find were limited although later in the hot afternoon it seemed
folks were giving the stuff away. I got a nice stock jack for 7 bucks from
the 4444 oval guy in Sacramento. A box of 62-67 taillights for 25¢. A bag of
W-decklid wing nuts for the license plate for $3. I wish I needed or could
carry sheet metal decklids and fenders were almost free.

We traveled on the very long hot trip home with Bruce and Gary stopped to
Los Banos for a couple of hours to help out some fellow club members I
guess they were seeing how fast they could get home and pushed a tad bit to
much blew a valve cover gasket and starting losing oil. Finally got Karl
to bed after 8 and the sun was of course already down.

Next Weekend, Clovis Rodeo Parade- Good times at Chubby's drive in and the
BIG show at Madera let¹s hope the weather calms a bit

Apr 8, 2009

Inspection Time – CHP Style

Inspection Time – CHP Style

Okay so yesterday I was a complete stress out VW owner. I’m driving my slammed VW down to the CHP. Not to mention there is a huge black cloud looming over head. I get down to the CHP as I pass that odd silver with blue flamed race bug – we almost missed each other – kind of odd.

As I’m standing in line I listen to the 2 young men ahead of me in line. They received a fix-it-ticket for being too low on the lowered Acura. The officer gives them a bad time – asking “so are you going to lower the car back down as soon as you leave here?” “How did you raise it” – “Explain to me how you raised it” These guys know all the tricks – why would you try to trick the officers? Unless you were 17 and driving a lowered Honda/Acura.

The officer on watch who inspected the Acura starts asking me questions about my car – the fog lamp in particular.

3:30 on the nose and I am greeted by Officer Clay – a very nice guy. I expected more a military by the book – you are wasting my time kind of experience – it was so not that.

We go out to the car show Officer Clay what was happening. A quick inspection leads him to do research on line – or email his wife to ask her what was for dinner?

Officer clay comes back out seeming very concerned about the situation and explained that the car is really 2 cars in one. A 63 pan with a 56 body – This by the way Guy explained. Dumb me thought all the DMVs had the same rules and it was registered in Idaho as a 56 so I just guessed I could do the same – not so much.

Clay offers for me to get my money back from Guy in Idaho… that would really go over like lead balloons. The fact that he seemed concerned that I had been ripped off made me feel good. Especially because I was sure by this point in time they would have my body stripped off the pan and have it on a truck half way back to Idaho for being illegal of some sorts. I explain to Clay that I want to procede and get back on track.

Clay offers to locate the new vin number any place I like – he tries to talk me out of placing under the back seat – because I would have stuff sitting there and if pulled over I would need to unload the whole car. We both try to outdo each other with how long it has been since we were last pulled over – of course that was a tie. Officer Clay looking up at the sky mentioned the rain which was very much on my mind as well. He wants to get me out of there as fast as possible so I don't get caught in the rain – where am I? This place is cool.

I go back to the waiting area and the front desk officer who was asking about my fog light goes outside and is totally checking me my car… odd

Clay adds my new vin number and I’m out of there and have the car back into the garage before 4:15 and the huge rain storm that starts up at 5:00 – now it’s off to the DMV for another inspection.

Inspection Time – CHP Style