Nov 21, 2009

Pick - A - part new winter hours

Pick your part has new winter hours which means - only one junk yard after work per day. Last Friday was an amazing find with only 10 minutes to spare before they closed. I believe Fresno has lost interest in Volkswagens all together - judging on the finds out there.

Found a 72 square-back that came down from Yosemite - looked to be in really good shape. Located the tool roll, wheel breaker bar and socket, original owners manual in amazing condition along with the dealer (Santa Monica) vinyl folder - all in amazing condition. Also took the past 30 years of insuarance records and every receipt of service and repair to the car.

Also scored a Volvo 142-144 manual with dealer binder - I find things in 2's out there all the time - what's up with that.