Dec 20, 2009

Winter project - bike rat

Winter has me putting together a winter bike rat. Life started for this bike as my grand daddy's old Wards 60's 26" cruiser. I rolled this same bike as a 12 year old. I took off the fenders and rode the heck out of it. Fast Forward 30 years the bike had been sitting in moms rafters for years. The tires were best discribed as "bread like" - lots of crumbs. I found some pre-war style red rubber on ebay replaced the tubes and rim liners - of course the fenders all rubbed due to the abuse they had received during it's rough life. I turned the handles bars upside down for the pre-war style and added an actual tractor reflector (all rusty) for that night ride safety. Also added a wicker basket from the old green Schwinn that never got under way.

I'm thinking a 60's worn leather racing saddle would really make the bike?

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