Feb 6, 2010

The Hazet project

One year after starting the "Hazet' project it is 100% complete. It used to be that my $60 reproduction tool box mixed with some old period tools was "good enough". After a few look downs from fellow VW peeps. i made the plunge - with no idea of what i was doing. I purchased a $150 Hazet box from Idaho, after some research I learned that i had scored a 1956-1959 box and was starting to get a grip on which tools I was going to need and that I hadn't really gotten that great of deal - it was going to cost a small fortune to replace all of the 12 tools. fellow club member learned of my new purchase and offered up 80% of the tools that i would need for the restoration process. $400 later I had a good start of the basic tools and had a grasp of the correct tools. Problem was - the tools were amazing - they made the box look like crap - until I learned the magic of powder coating. I was able to match the hazet grey and had a box worthy of the shiny tools.

i located a decoy duck supply house on-line and found a flocking kit - the results were amazing - $50 later the box looked awesome. I was only missing 5 tools - looking on the samba and ebay for weeks was really frustrating - the prices of these last tools was out of hand. I stayed up all night during Christmas to score a very close to what i need 14mm wobble socket... I searched and searched for these last tools. Finally the end of january i was able to purchase a complete box with all tools (-1screwdriver) $450 shipped including Paypal fees - what a deal - the box was rough - but Hey - no more searching. Most of the tools were either more correct than what i already had or the condition was better - $1200 later (3 boxes, 1 club member collection of tools, 1 ebay purchase, a repop 21x36 wrench and a samba score... off to ebay to sell off the extras of this small fortune of tools

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  1. Good lord,I feel an intervention coming on!