Jul 7, 2010

Trip to Europe - In the paper and parts stash

Here is my parts stash from europe - the speedo took a dive in the city bus and will need to be rebuilt - so much for my 10 euro bargan.

Here I am in the Wolfsburg (The city of Volkswagen) newspaper (The Wolfsburger). I met up with the historian from the Volkswagen Museum while at the Welcome Home Kafer event in Wolfsburg, Germany. I was treated to a special one on one factory tour (off limits to the public). Then was able to ride in the factory shuttle vehicle, during the special kafer parade through the city of Wolfsburg (along with 450+ other early VW vehicles).

I was then interviewed by a reporter from the Wolfburger newspaper - the following day my interview ran along with a photo of me ridding shot gun in the factory shuttle.

Danke Deutschland!!!

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